January 2022

Technical Assistance Package: Supporting Substance Use Disorder Services Integration in Diverse Settings

Health and Well-Being

Basic SUD Education

  • The Opioids Epidemic and Women
  • Women and SUDs
  • Opioids & Women: Reproductive Health & MAT
  • Signs of Misuse/Opioid Misuse
  • Understanding Bias
  • Using People-Friendly Language

Tab 1. Basic SUD Education

SUD Screening Tools

  • Available screening tools for populations (Include Webinar ppt slide deck and table)
  • Link to OSARs for Resources (specific to Texas)

Tab 2. OSARS

Tab 2. SUD Screening Tools

Screening Tools Table Final

Patient Engagement Strategies (what to do if screening is positive)

  • Understanding and assessing unconscious bias
  • Motivational interviewing techniques
  • Implementing a referral pathway (how to ask questions)
  • Using people-friendly language

Tab 3. Patient Engagement Strategies

Bias Assessment Related To SUD

Bias Exercise Hand Out Final

Establishing Referral Networks

  • How to connect to behavioral health services
  • About OSARs (Outreach, Screening, Assessment and Referral) organizations
  • Connecting to other support services – 211
  • About peer recovery support services

Tab 4. Establishing Referral Network

Links to Other Resources

Tab 5. Links To Other Resources