January 2017

Advancing Health Equity through Gender Affirming Health Systems

Equity, Health and Well-Being

About the Guide

Advance gender affirming care by applying best practices in organizational change to your health care setting. This guide details a health center’s journey through an organizational assessment process. With practical templates and facilitation guides, you can implement a similar approach in your health center.



Cardea extends sincere thanks to the staff and providers of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic and Seattle Children’s Hospital who participated in this pilot for sharing their experience and providing valuable insight.

Benjamin Danielson, MD
Senior Medical Director, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Arkia Northern-Dickens
Senior Administrative Assistant, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Julia Crouch, MPH
Clinical Research Associate, Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Outreach Educator, Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic

Pride Foundation is a leader in the pursuit of equality for the LGBTQ community. As a regional community foundation, they invest in organizations, students, and leaders in the Northwest—transforming individual acts of courage into a unified movement for change. Learn more at

This publication was funded by Pride Foundation and Beyond the Bridge.

For Review of the Working Group Staff Survey

Stacey Prince
PhD Psychologist and Co-Founder of Beyond the Bridge

Beyond the Bridge is a community of people committed to supporting LGBTQ youth through fundraising, connecting youth to resources, and creating more affirming spaces in their families, schools, and places of worship.


Ginny Cassidy-Brinn, MSN, ARNP
Wendy Nakatsukasa-Ono, MPH
Lisa Schergen, MA
Sandy Rice, MEd